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Vessi crafts vegan waterproof sneakers to encourage everyday activities no matter the weather.

Ships to
Canada, New Zealand, Asia, Australia, U.S.
November 2017
February 2018
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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Female-founded, Asian, Asian-founded
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Love the idea of waterproof shoes. Great customer service: had an order that was extremely delayed during the holidays and they offered to send a pair of free socks in the order.


The white shoes get extremely dirty after just a few wears. I find that I'm washing them every other week because wearing dirty white shoes is a pet peeve of mine. I'm then worried that I'm degrading the quality of the waterproof shoes as a result of so much of this washing. Wish they were mud-proof or dirt proof to some extent as well, so this could've been a non-issue in the first place.

Everyday wearComfortableLove the brand's mission 💕
16 days ago

Well, they are certainly waterproof. The opening is very snug to prevent more water from coming in, though that makes them less comfortable to wear, especially with socks. It feels tight on my usual size. Good purchase for heavy monsoon areas though they don't actually get as much use as I thought they would.

6 months ago

For what it is, a solid 4/5. I bought a pair of Vessi last year, together with my husband. The shoes helped us through many rainy days as Vancouver rains half of the year. But they only lasted for about a year. And at the beginning, they were quite tight around the top of the foot, cutting off circulation. It was worth the try though.


Shoes started to leak a bit in Month 10. Perhaps there should be a care kit for the shoes?

Everyday wearAthleisure
7 months ago

Super comfortable and truly miraculously waterproof


I do think they could be a bit more stylish :D

Innovative productEveryday wearFit just rightComfortable
7 months ago

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