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Veracity offers an at-home hormone test to create personalized skincare routines.

Veracity Selfcare Reviews

Veracity Selfcare reviews


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2 reviews

4 months ago

Veracity creates a personalized system based on your hormones. I am someone who struggles with hormonal acne, so naturally I was bought in. The test is kind of pricy, but if you're like me, I would give my first born child for clear skin. The kit indicated that I basically have low hormones across the board, with testosterone and cortisol actually being 'normal'. They recommended a bunch of products for me, but I chose the ones I felt were most necessary (i.e. I already use a probiotic so I didn't buy that). Overall, 3 of their products have earned a spot as my staples. I did a video review for a different app when I first started to show the dramatic improvement, which I think came from the cleanser and supplement mostly. Calming Cleanser - This has become one of my staples. I really love it is a medicated cleanser that doesn't dry me out. I use it as a step 2 when I oil cleanse. Will always repurchase. Inflammation Response - I really like this but am not sure of a noticeable difference. I've been repurchasing for ~10 months and recently ran out. I haven't rebought and my skin hasn't changed much, so I'm not sure what it's doing. Still, I will be repurchasing as I love how it makes my skin feel. Hydration Balance - This is a nice hydrator, but not any different (to me) than any HA serum. I stopped buying this one. Progesterone Balance - I think this has helped restore some of my hormone levels, though I haven't retested since the kit was so much. My skin definitely improved a bit after starting to use this, and I have not stopped since starting about 10 months ago. Will always repurchase (unless I get a hormone test that says otherwise!)

2 years ago

The brand makes quality products that are better for you. I tried the serum, which was great, but did not improve my discoloration. But, I haven’t found a product that does. It is great for plumping and softening of the skin.