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Vans sells a range of footwear, clothing, and accessories.

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Vans reviews


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All20Old Skool4Lizzie1

23 days ago

I've only tried one pair of shoes from this brand, and that's when they did that collaboration with Nintendo in 2016. I got myself a pair of the Duck Hunt shoes. They look really cool even coming in a shoebox that resembles an NES. The unfortunate part is that the shoes don't offer any support on the bottom. They are only for aesthetics.

5 months ago

the most reliable shoe. I wore mine so much they got incredible thrashed, but I keep repurchasing because they're cute and practical

6 months ago

Every highschool student has this and I do too. It looks so pretty and also comfortable enough to use it everyday.

3 months ago

vans are a great brand! good for the price and quality. they will last you years and I love how customizable they are. they are pretty thin at the bottom and not great for walking miles on end but they do the job at school or work.

3 months ago

Every pair of vans I own have lasted for at least ten years. They're classic, surprisingly durable, and stylish. I'll definitely buy a few more!

4 months ago

Such a classic brand and definitely feels like has made a comeback. I have a few different pairs. Especially love the slip ons

6 months ago

Hands down, the best classic skate shoe around. Great styles, comfortable, and durable. They definitely outlast Converse.

3 months ago

I wore a pair of the classic Old Skool Vans for years; they last and they're comfortable. In the last year I bought a pair of Lizzie's in Rosette and Black for skateboarding and they are awesome. Super supportive, great for skateboarding, and come with two options of coloured laces to match the soles or the shoe.

LizzieOld Skool