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Usual Wines mixes grape, water, and sunshine to create a unique glass of wine.


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2 years ago

Usual is a no-brainer party essential. I love the rose and the fact that it's single-serve bottles means not needing to worry about buying plastic cups or any broken wine glasses

2 years ago

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If you're not a wine drinker then this is the wine brand is for you. I'm obsessed with the Brut. It's the most refreshing spring/summer drink when you need a mid day chill pill from working and still need to function.

2 years ago

Obsessed with the packaging. I would repurchase just to own the bottle. The wine was great. Perfect for those who don't like sweet wine.

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2 years ago

Great, easy-to-drink wine in a fun and stylish bottle. Love the single-serving nature of it. It's a great gift to give and receive.


Nothing, really!

2 years ago

Usual Wines makes an adorable, tasty product that by putting both design and quality first, is our go-to for festive occasions.

2 years ago

Love not worrying about wasting wine, it’s perfect portion for a glass after work!


Would be great if there was more options!