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ThredUp provides an online marketplace for secondhand clothing

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3 reviews

5 months ago

I ordered two items from here during a sale they were having. Both of them were NWT. Overall good experience but there was nothing great about it that I absolutely loved.

a year ago

After reviewing their website I assumed Thred Up would be equal or better than Ebay for buying and selling Women's clothing and accessories. I was wrong. First I purchased some items and then I ordered a CleanOut Kit to sell some of my own items. The quality and the description of the items I purchased were a mismatch. Shipping takes longer than Ebay because they consolidate from other locations on a bundle. Ebay is direct from seller to buyer. ThredUp inserts themselves into the process but bring no value. It is up to the seller to flesh out the description but we no longer have the items. From the pictures they post it is hard to determine how the item will fit on a body and few measurements are given. My CleanOut kit weighed over 17lbs and they listed only 13 items. At least 4 nice items were pilfered during their processing. I notified them but their only response was I should have paid an additional $10 for my unlisted items to be returned and they claimed they were donated instead. The items that were listed have been listed at near retail price so they won't sell.

7 months ago

Great way to find one of a kind items. Shipping can be expensive. Good customer support!