The Giving Movement

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The Giving Moment makes sustainable activewear from eco-friendly textiles.

The Giving Movement Reviews

The Giving Movement reviews


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a month ago

It’s the worst when come to deliver the item its week to receive almost impossible to receive and they won’t return the item

Customer ServiceActive WearFabric

3 months ago

Scammers , deliver wrong size and don’t do returns !!! Say lie on call center and than different information on WhatsApp !!!

Customer ServiceActive Wear

4 months ago

It's heartwarming to see The Giving Movement engage with the community through their charity work.

4 months ago

Their clothes are just the right length. No awkward adjustments needed.What you see is what you get. No hidden costs or surprises at checkout.

4 months ago

They offer various payment options, making it convenient for customers. Specially “ Buy now pay later “ options.

4 months ago

Love the variety of colors they offer which is Perfect for mixing and matching. Top notch customer service, they truly cares about their customers.

4 months ago

You can feel the quality in the materials they use. Durable and comfortable.

4 months ago

I admire The Giving Movement's ethical practices in the fashion industry.

4 months ago

Their clothes are just the right length. No awkward adjustments needed.

4 months ago

I love their accessory selection. It's the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.

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