The Body Shop

3.9 34 Reviews

The Body Shop sells a wide range of skincare, haircare, bath, and body products.

The Body Shop Reviews

The Body Shop reviews


69% of reviewers would recommend to a friend

Reviews mention

  • Amazing smell in hair products
  • Effective for heat damaged hair
  • Variety of unique scents
  • Edelweiss skin care range
  • Inconsistent product scent
  • Body creams lack long-lasting hydration
  • Subpar moisturizing body butter
  • Regular lotion and scrub

The Body Shop is a much-loved brand for its unique scents and effective hair care products. However, there have been recent concerns about changes in their product formulas leading to lack of scent and less effective moisturizing capabilities.

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34 reviews

3 months ago

I just recently tried the Himalayan Charcoal Clarifying Peel and I'm hooked on it. The scent is addictive. How soft and smooth your skin feels the next day is an absolute bonus. There are so many lovely ingredients, this peel is vegan, 98% natural, with bamboo, charcol, hibiscus flower extract, and much more. This peel is made for combination and oily skin. Apply in the evening before bed, watch it transform into a clear liquid, let it do its magic over night and rinse off in the morning to the most refreshed, soft and smooth skin

5 months ago

Received a free product from The Body Shop

I’ve been using their products since the late 80’s. I even got my husband hooked. Totally bummed when they closed the two stores closest to us. I still order from them online though. The product that got us hooked was everything Grapefruit. Since then, I’ve (There was a bit of a hiccup divorce in the early 2000’s hence, the, “We” shifting to an, “I”.🤔 I’m just realizing that my relationship between me and The Body Shop has superseded the one I had had w my husband 🤭🤭🤭) been ordering online as a result. I did recently realized that Sephora and Ulta carry a limited inventory, which is wonderful. All of the products I’ve tried are outFRICKINGstanding. Their body scrubs, hand lotions, whipped body cream and body yogurts are my faves. Even the lip scrubs are amazing. I can’t comment on their makeup line, as I haven’t used them yet. I hope that this helps. 🥰

5 months ago

So I have been buying the Hemp heavy duty moisturizer for years. Not only is it no longer available on their website but they sell something that looks just like it purposely to trick customers. I used to buy a 6.7 oz tub for about $20. Now they have a small tub that looks exactly the same in their advertising as the large tub for about $20. You think you are buying the product you always purchased but when it shows up its ONLY 1.7 0z! SO THEY F**K YOU OUT OF 5 oz of PRODUCT!!!!! Total scumbag move!!

6 months ago

I'm currently using the Ginger shampoo and the tee tree love it. The texture is amazing and so is the smell, just smells fresh. Im using the tea tea conditioner for oily hair and I find that my hair does not get oily as it used to. I'm really happy with the product 😌 ☺

2 years ago

The Body Shop has some great values. It was one of the first brands to campaign against animal testing and have a reputation for treating suppliers with respect. Personally I love their shower gels, hand wash and body scrubs. For me their price point is perfect as it's way nicer than what you'd buy in a pharmacy or supermarket, but is way more affordable than brands like Aesop.

9 months ago

I love the body shop body butter lotions! the fiji scent and coco butter scents smell so good and dont leave you feeling super greasy.

10 months ago

Their body lotion and hair care products are really good. If you want to find a body lotion or hair care that has a good smell or has a good quality, their products are worth it.

a year ago

As the two star descriptor says, it was just unremarkable. I used their lotion & body wash for a bit and nothing about it made me want to go back.

7 months ago

A long long time user of The Body Shop. A few products have really stood out over the years. Love the body butters, extremely hydrating and nourishing for dry skin. Love the Chamomile cleansing butter, melts your makeup away keeping your skin soft. And love the body yogurts for summer, smell great and last a long time!

7 months ago

I purchased a mango body butter that had a wonderful scent, but it wasn't very moisturizing.

10 months ago

I used to LOVE The Body Shop products, especially the body butter. In recent years, though, it seems like the quality has gone down and has become more a drugstore quality brand. The Satsuma scent, though, is unparalleled.

7 months ago

Their lotions and bath products smell lovely but they're nothing special; just a regular lotion and scrub.

6 months ago

I do think their body creams are a little overrated: the texture was off for me and I don’t think they hydrated for very long. The shower gel was ok. But they have many different scents/ingredient profiles to appeal to many different tastes.

7 months ago

I am a big fan of their body butter, especially the Pink Grapefruit and British Rose scent.

a year ago

I’ve used quite a few makeup and skincare products from The Body Shop and it’s a decent mid range choice. Some of the scents can be a bit overwhelming, but I am on the sensitive side. My current favorites include the lip stain, concealer, and eyeshadows. Their brushes are also cruelty free and SUPER soft 🥰

a year ago

Received this as a Christmas gift set. The olive body butter is INCREDIBLE. It keeps my skin so soft and supple for days. The shower gel is also great for self-care bath nights. I recommend giving the gift sets to friends.