The Black Tux

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The Black Tux offers suits and tuxedos for rent and for keeps.

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The Black Tux Reviews

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2 years ago


The tuxedos are great and so convenient that they ship them to you. I have two more events coming up this year when I will need to rent one and it is great to go on the website, pick what I want, and all of my sizing information is saved.


Customer Service was less than helpful when they didn't have my tuxedo in stock. It wasn't until I emailed them a week before my wedding asking about the shipment did they break the news to me - I ended up having to go with a different one completely, which seems a bit unprofessional. They also say the groom "rents free" but what happens when there are two grooms? Customer service wasn't the most helpful about that either-even though both sides of the party are renting from them. In the end, both of us (grooms) paid for our tuxedos.

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a year ago


Loved the idea of walking into a Nordstrom and getting fitted, but the experience and look was far from what I wanted. They don't offer slim options, so if you're looking for what most men want these days don't use this service. They aren't great quality as well, I got the full package down to the shoes and not one thing felt up to par with what I expect in association with Nordstrom. At least it was fairly affordable... though I wish I had just bought a suit at Zara instead.


Improve quality and add more modern styles.

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