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TERRA-TORY makes skin and body care products for eczema-prone skin, formulated without coconut oil.


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2 reviews

2 years ago

Very unique products. It’s hard to find clean soaps that are coconut free. They have high quality natural ingredients in every product. Some items are seasonal because some ingredients are best in certain seasons. The company and owner are very heartfelt and compassionate with their mission to better skin and body care. I absolutely love each and every product I have ever tried from them. Gentle and health conscious with a real goal. 10/10



2 years ago

Absolutely lovely. Handmade, awesome products that get me clean, smell good and feel good. I also feel hydrated, not "dry" clean. For me, this product is lovely smelling and great for gifts (we give them to our daughter's teachers!) I also use the body lotion in the glass jars, unscented, and swear by it. I am so proud to support Terra-Tory's products and company and owner. I originally was drawn to this brand as a parent of a child with eczema and ended up loving it for my skin - now my whole family uses it, I love the lack of packaging and the ease of use.


the only bar that could use improvement is the oat bar since it has real oats in it - it can feel a little harsh on the skin.