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Tempo offers a home gym with a built-in digital personal trainer that tracks motion to improve form, powered by 3D vision.

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7 days ago
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Wanted a home solution for weight training that offered classes - what made me choose this was the form and feedback aspect. You dock your phone and complete your workout in range of your phone and it not only knows what weights you are using but tracks your reps, gives pointers on form and makes suggestions on whether to graduate to heavier weights (exceeding recommended reps) or lighten up. Large variety of classes to choose from with plenty of quick options for when you don’t have a ton of time.


The motion tracking/sensing can definitely be a bit buggy (I think too much natural light might be the culprit for my setup). It’s also a bit unclear sometimes if you are being actively tracked or if you have moved slightly out of range and it’s easy for it to miss reps. I am going to adjust my personal setup and see if I can improve on these but I have seen some similar feedback from reviews I read prior to purchasing.

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