Sunsoil CBD

3.52 Reviews

Sunsoil CBD makes quality full-spectrum CBD oil.

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Sunsoil CBD Reviews

2 months ago

My first experience with CBD, and it's worked really well. I do the capsules, so flavor isn't a thing for me. Product works well for anxiety, to help me sleep, and has been integral in my recovery from knee surgery over the past 3 years.


They are working to bring their prices down as they grow, and since the product works this is really one of the only things they could improve for me.

High qualityEasy subscription management 🔁Works really wellSustainable products
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3 months ago

It was like a regular CBD, nothing that really made me want to keep buying it. It did do what i wanted it to do as a CBD product, so if you’re looking for a standard CBD this one will do just fine.


I have used and tried many CBD products and this one was very forgettable. There was nothing about it that could draw me back into purchasing again. When I try liquid CBD I like exploring a myriad of flavors but this company lacks in that department.

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