Sunrise Session

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Sunrise Session makes single use, plastic-free self care products using concentrated water-seeking drops that dissolve on the spot.

Sunrise Session Reviews

Sunrise Session reviews


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2 reviews

2 years ago

I wanted to redo my shower products because I recently became really unhappy with the plastic bottle situation in my bathroom so I bought Sunrise Session's discovery kit. It came with shampoo, conditioner, body wash, soap slips, a loofah, and a day of the week organizer. I like the paper containers but didn't need the plastic day of the week organizer. The hair and body products came in dissolvable pods and the soap slips were little dissolvable pads. The experience of using this product is extremely cool and I think my hair is responding well to the quality of the haircare.


I would probably reorder the shampoo and conditioner because the kit only comes with 15 pods but a ton of soap slips. One thing to note is that one pod did somehow burst in transit so it was a bit wet inside of one of the containers. I also probably would opt for the day of the week organizer again. I'd be curious if they offer a subscription product because showers are something you can definitely anticipate.

a year ago

The idea and concept are phenomenal; however the ingredients ruined it for me. SLS is a big no no for me