Straightaway Cocktails

3.7 3 Reviews

Straightaway Cocktails crafts a variety of pre-bottled, ready to drink cocktails using high quality and fresh ingredients.

Straightaway Cocktails Reviews

Straightaway Cocktails reviews


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3 reviews

6 months ago

There’s a ton of ‘fun little drinks’ with similar branding on the market. I don’t think the Apicco Spritz stands out. It’s ok.

3 years ago

I loved the branding and the concept is great! I think it's just hard to get around the taste of a lack of freshness that comes with a lot of canned or bottled cocktails. I would be excited and willing to try another type of drink though. Honestly if I had added lime that might have solved my issue.


Flavor tweaks.

3 years ago

I love Straightaway's branding and it caught my eye in the Whole Foods checkout line. I ended up getting the Apicco Spritz. It was lovely, just beware... two cocktails per can 🙈