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St. Tropez makes self tanning products.

St. Tropez Reviews

St. Tropez reviews


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All6Tonic drops1

17 days ago

A gift to myself

I just started using St. Tropez Luxe Tan Tonic Drops two days ago, and I'm really impressed! It's my first time trying a self-tanner, and I was worried about the smell, but it has a pleasant, mild fruity scent. My results were visible the next day. Even after just one use, I noticed a nice, sun-kissed glow. I simply mixed about 6 drops with my regular moisturizer and applied to my face and body. Worth every penny😊

Tonic drops

9 months ago

I love the way the St Tropez products look on my skin. It's a very natural tan, but the smell is super hard to mask.

a year ago

I have had great experiences with St. Tropez's line of tanning solutions. My favorite product is their Bronzing Water Face Mist, which goes on lightly without streaks or spots. It's also fairly light, so I can easily adjust the amount of product by adding a few more sprays under or over my makeup for the day. It's non-oily and does not carry a heavy tanning scent. I have used their body sprays in the past and I prefer the lotions or oils for full coverage, as I've found the larger sprayers do cause spotting if not applied perfectly.

10 months ago

I was very skeptical about the tranning products but I've been pleasantly surprised. I'm ghostly white and this gives my legs a natural color. Only 4 stars because of the price.

10 months ago

I’ve used the St. Tropez express tan several times over the years and really like the results it provides. The formula gives a very natural tan that isn’t too green or orange toned. Also this brand is very forgiving streak-wise: as long as you are using a mitt with circular motions and are taking your time, you will be streak-less.