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Snowe makes high-quality, simple, home essentials.

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Snowe reviews


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6 months ago

I have tried a lot of sheets, both from e-commerce brands and legacy brick and mortar luxury brands (like Frette and Sferra). Snowe’s percale sheets are my favorite percale so far. I’ve also sent them as gifts to friends/family and they’ve loved them too. If you’re looking for crisp, soft percale (that isn’t crunchy or noisy) I’d definitely recommend giving these a try. I’ve had them for at least 4 years now, wash them regularly, and they’re still in great shape.

2 years ago

I received a travel candle and purchased some of their towels. I love the quality of their products and the simplicity of the design.


I love them, just wish they had more sales!

3 years ago

Snowe has been hit or miss for me. Some of their products, I rave about and are my favorite versions of that thing out there: the dinner plates, dinner bowls, bath mats, and towels fall into this group. Others are a complete rip-off: the drinking glasses and wine glasses, in particular, shatter incredibly easily, which goes directly against their original marketing. So, I suppose just avoid glassware?


Wouldn't mind a wider range of products. Despite not trusting their glassware, I've been on the hunt for a nice wine decanter for years but haven't found one I like. Ditto with cheese knives.

6 months ago

I’ve purchased cutlery and dishware from Snowe, all of which look good as new 5 years later. I love the silverware — perfectly weighted, simple and clean look, but not boring. Shipping was slow (months), but I received email updates throughout with discount codes.


a year ago

This is equal to Target in quality (but higher in price) - not sure what the hype is about. I have 10 year old towels that look better than 6 month old Snowe towels. I purchased these as an entryway product to test the entire brand. Needless to say I won't be purchasing anything else.


Go to target for affordable towels, or to Restoration Hardware for high-end, quality towels.

2 years ago

I purchased six beach towels with the intention of purchasing additional beach towels as well as bath towels for all my bathrooms. However, after only 2 to 3 washes carefully following the care instructions, I have found that the beach towels boarder stitching do not hold up. The towels do retain their color and relative softness which is nice but the border stitching is of poor quality. I contacted customer service and they informed me that I should simply cut the threading and not worry about the rest of the towel boarder. Even though I stated that I followed the care instructions to the letter. They inferred that this stitching coming loose along the border was the result of my miss handling the towels or washing them with items that have zippers or other sharp items. I only wash the towels with the exact same towels to retain the proper color. customer service did not offer to replace the towels with the borderline stitching problem.


The manufacturer needs to do a better job with the border stitching.

2 years ago

I've tried several brands and these are the softest percale sheets I have found. I absolutely love my Snowe pillows.


Very slow to ship, I had to follow up with customer service after more than a week. I live in Manhattan and they are Brooklyn based so logistics shouldn't have been the issue. They sent me another pair and asked me to return if I received both. I did, and of course returned. There was no follow up from customer service of thank you or any discount/credit given for doing so.