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Sigil makes all natural, genderfluid fine fragrances and skincare essentials.

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Sigil is making some amazing smelling and long-lasting natural perfumes. I wear three of their perfumes regularly, and they are unique-smelling, complex and sensuous. I prefer a less floral perfume, so their gender-fluid woodsy and resin-y scents appeal to me. Finding a natural perfume that is also long lasting is a challenge though, and Sigil has met the challenge.


The top of the bottle is heavy enough to be used as a weapon and strangely magnetized/polarized so when you have more than one Sigil bottle they knock each other down with the force of polarization. Appreciate the attention to quality of materials, but it's too heavy for the bottle and makes it top heavy. I also literally have a dent on my hardwood floor after dropping one of the lids.

Good for gifts 🎁High qualityInnovative productWorth the money 💸Fun unboxing 📦Smells amazingEco-friendly packagingLuxury
4 months ago