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Siete Foods is a Mexican-American food brand that makes items like taco shells, tortillas, enchilada sauces and more heritage-inspired products.

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Siete Foods Reviews

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  • Clean ingredients
  • Delicious flavors
  • Nutritious snacks
  • Expensive
  • Digestive issues
  • Small tortillas

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15 days ago

I have only tried their grain free lime tortilla chips, but they are excellent. Very flavorful and crisp, with a charming family story. I have heard good things about their wraps (burrito size wraps) from friends.

Tortilla chips

24 days ago

Siete carries a great variety of snacks, from chips to cookies. Their chips are really good - they have a nice crunch, better ingredients, and come in a variety of savory flavors. Highly recommend as a good substitute to your traditional tortilla chips and dips!

Tortilla chips

14 days ago

I have most recently tried the Cassava Flour Tortillas which are only 60 calories each. I find them fantastic for a tortilla alternative, that are quite tasty and taste great. They do harden quicker than a regular tortilla and are a little smaller, but I still keep these around regularly.


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21 days ago

I love how accessible this brand is as you can find it at many different retailers. Their chips and tortillas are amazing.

Tortilla chipsTortillas

23 days ago

so good! the mexican wedding cookies taste great

Mexican wedding cookies

15 days ago

I will live and die for this brand. Siete has created some of my favorite snacks and tortillas. Prepare for a rant but I just have to share my favs! Almond Flour Tortillas - Amazing to crisp and add brown sugar/cinnamon/and honey Cassava Flour Tortillas - Fajitas and tacos Bunuelos Cinnamon Crips - be prepared to eat the whole bag in one sitting Nacho Chips - be prepared to eat the whole bag in one sitting and makes for a great snack after too many drinks at the bars Enchilada Sauces - both the red and green are delicious Mexican Wedding cookies - aren't my fav but they look really cute on a charcuterie board Note: You can pass on the lime chips. They're not the best in my opinion

Enchilada sauceWedding CookiesTortilla chipsTortillas

a month ago

I love all Siete food products! Delicious and guilt free… I buy them over and over

Churro chipsTaco shellsDip chipsTortilla chipsTortillas

22 days ago

Love Siete foods, especially their chips and alternative tortillas. They are great options for those who are gluten free or needing to avoid certain ingredients. The flavors and textures are amazing!

Taco shellsDip chipsTortilla chipsTortillas

22 days ago

I love this brand! Years ago it was so difficult to find foods that I could have due to an autoimmune issue. Siete is a brand I trust to have delicious foods that won’t have a negative impact on me

Tortilla chips