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Siete Foods is a Mexican-American food brand that makes items like taco shells, tortillas, enchilada sauces and more heritage-inspired products.


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2 days ago

1000% love this brand, specifically all of their chips! I first came across the brand from the celebrity Kristin Cavallari because I enjoy her cookbooks and understand she partners with specific chefs and brands that follow her semi-specific diet of no casin, dairy, or artificial ingredients. I also happy to have a friend that works for the brand and speaks highly of it's family ownership and values. BUT, the chips are delicious! Sometimes they are hard to find in grocery stores and sometimes the big size is a bit too small, but all of the flavors (chili, lime, nacho) are yummy, filling, and I feel good when I eat it because they aren't packed with preservatives. I believe their chips are a core brand of this line and while they expand into other items, the chips are absolutely a great recipe and product!

Tortilla chips

17 days ago

Cinnamon sweet chips and lime are my favorite.... love that they are free of artificial ingredients !

Tortilla chips

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2 days ago

Amazing, tasty, delicious. So clean in ingredients and low in calories. Prefer SIETE wraps to regular ones.

a month ago

The chipotle BBQ potato chips just may be my all time favorite potato chips... I know that's a bold statement but I said it! The cassava chips are pretty good too, some of the salsas were OK. But those bbq chips!!!!

10 days ago

I really like what Siete is doing, making delicious food that has a healthy twist. When turning snack foods healthy, there is always some sort of tradeoff. The main one I notice is texture, but it's only a few of their products. I really enjoy their tortilla chips especially!

Churro chipsDip chipsTortilla chips

a month ago

Yes to all of Siete. I have yet to get something from them that I did not like. My ONLY limitation is the price. But you are paying for quality so I support that. I love the tortillas, the chips, the taco seasoning- I love it all. They just came out with these new "chips" that are like puffy, lentil crisps and they are my new addiction. It's all delicious and they do have sales at Whole Foods frequently so that is usually when I stock up.

a month ago

Love this brand and all that they stand for! I highly recommend any of their delicious, healthy products!

a month ago

So good! Love their chips, in all flavors. And of course, they have really good almond tortillas! The cinnamon churro chips are good but the after taste of the cinnamon and coconut sugar is a bit bold.

10 days ago

Oh MY gosh I’m so excited to see Siete on this site. A family run business, Siete is such an incredible brand that has made conscious eating absolutely delicious and exciting. I live and breath their tortillas (and if you get the chance to have their burrito sized tortillas, you lucked out)! They offer so many varieties to accommodate specific dietary needs - almond, cassava, etc. Their branding is welcoming and colorful. And there are so many different things to try, from cookies, to chips, to taco shells and tortillas. I highly recommend this brand!

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