Seventh Rebel

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Seventh Rebel creates experience-oriented beauty products.

Seventh Rebel Reviews

Seventh Rebel reviews


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a year ago

Received a free product from Seventh Rebel

The pimple patches worked pretty well but could've been stronger.


The colors are fun, but I also wouldn't mind some neutral skin-colored patches!

2 years ago

I like the brand logo and its value to the customers. The package is pretty much cute and enough for daily needs. It's just awesome the way it is!!

2 years ago

I bought the picnic set for my girlfriend as a birthday gift. I liked the overall pink aesthetic of the items and thought they'd fit my girlfriend's taste. She absolutely loved them! My girlfriend keeps the Peach Milk box on her desk especially because it looks cute and eye catching since it's a small milk carton and it makes a nice decoration! She has been in the process of using the pimple patches, and she has been so much more confident since! I think she would be ordering more of the patches in the future on her own now haha

2 years ago

Friends with Seventh Rebel

LOVE ET! so I got the cherry bon bon patches for myself and the peach milk beauty sponge for my bff since our friends recommended this brand to us. it’s so thin and SOOOO comfortable plus IT STAYS ON MY FACE THE WHOLE DAY. we’ve been sharing the patches and im gonna restock pretty soon.

2 years ago

I came across Seventh Rebel when I was cruising around Rodeo 39 and their fun and colorful setup immediately caught my eyes. I bought the picnic set because that’s literally the cutest thing ever 💕! I’ve been using the pouchie to hold my makeup when I go to gym and totally love it. And I’m IN LOVE with the cherry bon bons pimple patch! It’s sooooo comfortable on my skin and lasts a whole day! You guys should give this set a try!

2 years ago

I bought the Picnic Set a few months ago and ended up buying the Pimple Patches a few more times! They’re so good and surprisingly work at absorbing those whiteheads. I honestly also just keep buying them because of the box— it fits so well in my vanity plus they’re Asian owned and love supporting that!


I feel so sad when throwing away the box for the peach milk— so maybe they can fix that so I can keep the box.