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Semaine Health makes all-natural supplements to support hormone balance and period discomfort.

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4 months ago

Semaine’s “The Daily” has been a huge hormone help to me!! I started using it before my hormone imbalance was treated, and it really helped level me out and prevent fatigue, brain fog, and irritability. I still take it along with my current hormone health treatment and I feel that it amplifies the effectiveness of my prescription stuff. Highly recommend! It’s women-owned too :)

2 years ago

I bought this for my sister-in-law because she has horrible period cramps, to the point where she can’t really move or work and has to lie in bed for a whole day. She said that it works well and has helped alleviated her cramps by about 25% to 30%. She also loves that the ingredients are natural.

9 months ago

PMS & Period Support pills-actually work! I suffer from extremely painful periods/endo and have tried all sorts of supplements to ween myself off of heavy nsaid use during my time of the month. As long as I remember to take these 1-2 days leading up to my period and the first day of my period, they are extremely helpful in managing/decreasing overall pain! My medicine cabinet is stocked at all times, and I like that these are becoming more accessible. I have found them on Thrive Market, Target, and TJ Maxx. I recommend these to anyone seeking ways to improve their cycle!

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a year ago

As someone who cannot take Midol due to an allergy, Semaine has saved my periods with their PMS/Period supplement. This little pill is amazing in targeting my cramps, flow, and bloating. In the past few months of taking it, I have had much shorter and less painful periods.