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SELFMADE makes vegan personal care products aimed to address how mental health affects your skin and body.


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5 months ago

Received a free product from SELFMADE

I love this brand! I have used the true grit scrub and their serum, and I loved both. They are great for sensitive skin and last for a long time. Plus they smell good! I love the brand’s mission and hope they release more products.

2 years ago

I've tried the comfort serum and true grit scrub! I really love the messaging and branding of selfmade as a whole 🤍 it's so clear that their products are very thoughtfully-designed all the way down to how functional and pretty the packaging is. I enjoy using the comfort serum as a slip agent for my guasha but it isn't my favorite thing to use under makeup. I feel that it's a little oily for my liking but it's great as a skincare step! I found out that the true grit scrub could also be used as a scalp exfoliator and I used it during an occasion where I was experiencing extreme dry scalp due to weather changes. it works like a charm! it's really gentle and easy to wash out--it didn't leave residue on my scalp or in my hair. their website is stunning as well!


i loved their products but i feel like I already own so many similar ones! i do think that these would make great presents for family and friends who are into wellness and self-care!

a year ago

Love the True Grit scrub - it's my fave scalp and full body exfoliator and has been such a great gift for friends and family. Really appreciate that the scrub is biodegradable too - love all the thoughtful pieces of the branding / company mission around mental health along with skin health/care.

3 years ago

Shoot stylist

Adore this brand. I'm so visual-based and the product is a dream. It looks soo cool in my bathroom. I've been surprised at how quality, special, and soothing the products are.


The True Grit could lather or stretch a bit further. Secure Attachment is absolutely perfect. Haven't used Self Disclosure yet!

3 years ago

Works for SELFMADE

I love the Secure Attachment Comfort Serum+. My face feels sooo good after using this serum. It instantly absorbs into my skin while still feeling like there’s a healthy, protective barrier. I also adore the smell because it reminds me of a fancy spa and calms me down. It simplifies my skincare routine for my normal to combo skin. True Grit Resilience Scrub is a great exfoliator. I appreciate that I can use it on my body and scalp. I use it after a week of product buildup and I notice that it reallyyyy refreshes my scalp. The smell is soothing as well. SELFMADE's mission is close to my heart and they have a sincere approach that makes me feel heard. Their brand is welcoming from the words to the packaging and colors.


I need SELFMADE to create more products that will make my skin happy.

3 years ago


As someone who has tested many skincare products + a consumer of all things related to psychology, wellness, human behaviour, etc., I was pretty blown away by these products. I'm not someone who bullshits and I can't rave about something I don't love. Selfmade promotes emotional intelligence and self-growth of all sorts, all via incredible, quality products. The comfort serum nods to attachment theory in psychology, and if you don't know much about it, their product design inspires curiosity. If you don't care about the title or what it represents, fear not -- this serum is for every human with any kind of skin type. I have an absurd amount of skincare products -- it's rare that one really sticks in my mind, making me overcome any laziness to pick it up and use it. Secure Attachment is the only skin item standing on my counter, and I literally squeeze a little bit any time I want some moisture back in my skin. The questions on the back of all three products allow me to have a mindful moment of skincare, and with myself. The scrub is gritty, yet light and non-abrasive. And the intimacy serum is the best lube-like product I've ever tried in my however-many years of intimacy with self and others. It's not sticky nor goopy, and it's a great balance of slip and grip. Again, it nails the product design in its creamsicle coloured bottle that glows when the light shines through. It encourages me to think of intimacy in more ways than with just a partner. This brand is so thoughtful (from a psychological perspective) and gets their branding AND quality down. What could be better?!


More products! More sweatshirts/tees in unique, calming colours to give the embroidered phrases more contrast.