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Punchy Drinks makes premium soft drinks, mixed with all-natural ingredients and feel-good flavors.



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6 months ago

Looks great, tastes great. If you are looking for something a little more grown up, then Punchy have some of the best flavours out there. All the flavours work a treat as mixers with alcohol and even without the booze it feels like you are drinking something pretty sophisticated.


Would like them to be available in bottles but until then I will keep drinking them.

6 months ago

Delicious flavours, great packaging, and fun vibrant branding! Truly a sophisticated soft drink and liquid sunshine - exactly what they say.

4 months ago

Delicious flavours, fun and vibrant branding! I always feel really cool when drinking these and they do look and feel premium. Great drink for summer as well.

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a year ago

Delicious! The flavours aren't too sweet which I like. The blood orange and cardamom is my favourite. A great substitute for spirit and mixer drinks if you don't feel like having alcohol. You could also use them as mixers.


I would like it if they were a bit more fizzy.

2 years ago

I LOVE this packaging. It's #goals. Everything about it is what I aspire to design. But beyond the packaging I also love the unusual flavours and the fact that the drinks are not too sugar-laden.


More flavours!

a year ago

Love Punch drinks - they feel sophisticated and are a great non-alcoholic alternative to cocktails. I often confuse the can for a canned cocktail / wine. My favourite is the peach and then the blood orange one with bitters. The packaging is beautiful and the texture of the can label great.

10 months ago

Some of the BEST drinks I've ever had. So sad that they don't sell directly in the US, but worth the splurge for sure. All of the flavors are delicious by themselves, but a little tequila, vodka, or gin wouldn't be a bad addition;)

a year ago

If you like soft drinks, this brand is the perfect alternative. Also, if you don't want to drink alcohol, this is perfect for a non-alcoholic beverage - the orange flavor is excellent!


To be honest, they surprised me with the flavors and packaging, so I don't have any improvement to suggest.

10 months ago

Really enjoy these drinks. Find them to be a great replacement for cocktails and the brand does really nice, sophisticated favours. Tastes great.