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PlantPaper is tree-free, toxin-free toilet paper made from organically grown bamboo.

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Sustainable productsHigh qualityCool look & feelWorks really wellWorth the money 💸
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2 months ago

I found PlantPaper through thingtesting's TP-off where they compared various eco-friendly TP. I went with Plant Paper because it was the most economical and rolls were not individually packed. Side rant: I don't understand, and I am sure there is good reason for it, but why does TP need to be wrapped individually and then put in plastic boxes? Aren't we killing enough trees as it is? Coming back to the review - the packaging and the rolls themselves are very nondescript but are soft and are easy to use. Their absorbency is slightly less than what a regular 3-ply TP would be. Their shipping is seamless and easy, and the boxes can easily be stacked!

Worth the money 💸Eco-friendly packaging
2 months ago

Soft and durable product with a subscription platform that's easy to pause or change.


A rare issue for most, but both my partner and I work from home and we find ourselves running out about a couple weeks before we're due for another delivery.

Love the brand's mission 💕Worth the money 💸Works really wellCool look & feelInnovative productSustainable productsHigh qualityEco-friendly packaging
3 months ago

Simple, sustainable brand of toxin-free TP? Where has this been my whole life!? You'd expect an *eco-friendly* brand to lack in confortability, but this is honestly the best TP on the market. Please consider switching from big corp brands to PlantPaper.

Cool look & feelSustainable productsHigh qualityWorks really wellWorth the money 💸Love the brand's mission 💕
3 months ago

No fuss, just great chemical-free toilet paper. Very different at first from "normal" TP, but once you get used to it, you can enjoy some beautiful design and a plastic-free option.


Please launch paper towel 🙏

Sustainable productsWorks really wellCool look & feelEco-friendly packaging
3 months ago

We've been subscribed to PlantPaper for just over a year, and I couldn't imagine having to actively think about and go to the store to pick up toilet paper ever again. The toilet paper itself is a little unusual at first, but I much prefer it to conventional toilet paper now. I also love the branding and packaging.

Works really wellCool look & feelSustainable productsHigh qualityInnovative productLuxuryFun unboxing 📦Worth the money 💸

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