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NOOCI offers a multi-purpose supplement for women made with a plant-based formula inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine.


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4 months ago

I tried NooAir after reading about it on this site. I suffer from seasonal allergies and have tried my fair share of prescription and over the counter medications. This has made such a difference for me!

a year ago

Received a free product from NOOCI

I've tried many natural supplements but Nooci has been the most effective. Their Re Noo supplement gives me an energy boost without being jittery and it’s super easy to drink. The single-serve sachets make it easy to take (even when I'm on the go). It tastes like sipping green tea and tastes great in a smoothie or in hot tea. I also love the eco-friendly packaging!

a year ago

My sister bought me a subscription to Noo Moon and let me just say that I've never had clear skin like I do now. It's not an advertised benefit for the product but I read some reviews online and saw that some other people have said the same about the product as well - hormonal acne no more! I say this as someone who has been taking prescription medicine for ages to control my breakout. I've been able to stop the prescription meds and just take this product daily to control my breakouts. Helps with bloating and cramps as well.

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a year ago

I read about ReNoo on Refinery29 and was curious to try it to help with my bloating and sugar cravings. I started taking it with hot water every morning and it works!! Tastes good too, kinda like the green tea you get when you go to a Japanese restaurant.

a year ago

I've been taking ReNoo for 2 months now and it's really helped with my bloating and sugar cravings. It tastes a bit like green tea / barley on its own in water - I also love mixing it up in my smoothie for breakfast! It's the perfect way to start my day.

a year ago

I've been taking Noo Moon for about 6 weeks now and have noticed a pretty significant difference already (to my surprise, since the brand says it can take 2-3 months before you see results). I take the daily recommended dosage and feel less bloated throughout the month, but the big changes are that my big cramps have gone away AND my usual super heavy flow has been reduced to what I would assume to be a regular flow for most people. AMAZED.


More products -- would like to try more from the brand!

a year ago

I bought the ReNoo and Noo Air. For someone with nasal allergies, I've been suffering from really bad sinus problems. It started working for me 2 weeks in, quite amazing! My nose is totally clear these days after taking it daily! ReNoo also gives me a boost of gradual energy throughout the day, and I haven't craved sugar as much after taking it daily for 2 months.


Nothing! They've been working perfectly for me! Looking forward to seeing if there's more from them.

a year ago

I used to have irregular periods with significant bloating and sinus issues. I seldom take western medicine but wanted to try out Nooci since I’m a fan of TCM (but turned off by the hours of preparation needed to take herbal medicine). Nooci made it so easy to have the TCM benefits without the hours of prep / going to TCM doctors. Within weeks of using Nooci products, I had seen clearer skin, and better sinuses. After using Nooci for two months, my periods seem to have regulated as well. So convenient and accessible, I definitely recommend it for all women!

7 months ago

I tried an am sticking to a routine that involves drinking Nooci Reeno daily (sometimes twice). I'm on my 3rd box as a subscriber. Taste: very mild green tea, not offensive, have tried mixing it with coffee and matcha and does not overpower. Solubility: better solubility than most TCM meds but there is room for improvement. I just scoop out the rest of the powder that settles at the bottom because i'm a cheap-o. Cost: Can be improved, pricey to me but will continue. Effect: I've been on a very high stressful time with very little sleep. I believe this has helped me survive and feel less tired. Feel less bloated, in general. If you know TCM, these aren't miracle cures and don't expect it to be. Take it as ingesting a very good base of vitamin/energy product that is overall good for your well being. Customer support is great - hat to change my credit card and asked some questions and got answers right away.


If you can stand green tea, you won't have an issue. This tastes like green tea, nothing else - which makes it easy to me. Solubility can be improved but you don't get a ton on residue (don't get me wrong). Bathroom trips are easier (read between the lines), no constipation or bloating. It is not a miracle cure and not a weight loss supplement for those who are hoping it would be.

a year ago

Love this new brand. I especially love ReNoo -- it doesn't taste like those bitter chinese medicine teas at all, but rather like a nice green tea. Sometimes I take 2-3 a day just because it tastes that good, and it helps with my bloating + sugar cravings (I haven't felt the urge to eat sweets lately, and I have a huge sweet tooth!)