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Mylle designs modern and aesthetic inflatable pools.

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Mylle reviews


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3 years ago

The perfect adult kiddie pool! I love the designs - it's the perfect size for 1-2 adults max or dipping your feet in for an outdoor group hang. The perfect reprieve for summer when you can't have a real pool. Inflating the mylle is easy with any standard pump (I got one at Target), but I do recommend putting this on a flat, smooth surface otherwise it's not comfortable to sit in.


The valve to release the water is on the bottom of the pool, which makes it hard for water to escape if you set it up on a fully flat surface like a porch. I do wish this was located on the side instead of on the bottom. I have to lift the side of the pool to let the water flow out. If you want to move the pool around once you've filled it, be very careful you don't tear any of the seams. Since there are two inflatable bands that make up the pool wall, it can be easy to get a tiny tear that compromises the firmness of the pool.