Moon Cheese

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Moon Cheese makes 100% cheese snacks.

Moon Cheese Reviews

Moon Cheese reviews


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11 reviews

5 days ago

I really liked both flavors I tried from this brand, but the cheddar was my favorite. The cheese balls are really dense and flavor packed. I can see why some people aren't a fan of the texture. The more I ate of these, the more okay I became with the texture of them. The big downside to these is that they have a lot of fat content in them and are kind of expensive for how few ounces you get.

9 months ago

Moon Cheese is a tasty, crunchy little cheese snack that's perfect for car trips because it doesn't need to be refrigerated. I love the cheddar but all of the flavors are great.

9 months ago

These are fun and satisfy that crunch for snacking, sandwiches, or salads. When my husband and I do keto we regularly get these and finish them in 1-2 days. We started adding them to charcuterie boards and have converted friends. They are a good product!

7 months ago

So amazing good and versatile. Easy protein without excessive additives. I add these to lunch boxes and they are one thing that never comes back home.

9 months ago

It was fun to try, but i don’t think i would eat it by choice. I tried the flavor get pepper jacked!

9 months ago

I like these because I would eat them on my salads, not as a snack thought on their own.

9 months ago

While it was fun to try, I would not implement them into my snacking regime. The flavor "Get Pepper Jacked," while a fun name, tasted like a dehydrated block of white cheddar with the texture peanut.

9 months ago

not the best flavor. definitely delivers what is advertised but the texture is not satisfying.

9 months ago

Pepper Jack flavor was great. However, the texture didn’t sit right with me. A little squeaky and strange. Almost tasted stale