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Modern Fertility offers a customized fertility hormone test from the comfort of your home with physician reviewed results.

Modern Fertility Reviews

Modern Fertility reviews


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7 reviews

4 months ago

I ordered the test in hopes to learn more about my fertility and any potential issues with conception. Days after I received the test, I found out I was pregnant! I emailed modern fertility and let them know, asking what to do with the unused unopened test. They said they do not accept returns, I asked what my options are they offered a $50 credit to use for anything else on the site, which was better than nothing. I then asked if I could gift the test to someone else that I know is trying, they told me once the credit was issued they voided the test. They did not tell me this information when they offered the credit. I asked them to reverse the credit so that i could gift it, but they told me it was too late and they were not able to reverse it. Therefore, I am now out $129.. with a credit for prenatal vitamins that are not on par with the ones I currently take.

3 years ago

Really enjoyed the experience, it felt very comprehensive and educated me a lot. I couldn't get the blood samples right the first time so they sent me a new kit free of charge.


I've never actually been diagnosed for PCOS so would love to find more information about it and how it relates to my fertility and learn more about how certain findings about my blood sample might be an indicator of PCOS (if that's possible.)

2 years ago

Received a free product from Modern Fertility

I had a great experience with the at-home fertility testing kit. They had to send me a 2nd one because they questioned some results from the first sample I sent them, which I really appreciated because I want my results to be as accurate as possible. A+ for this proactive customer service.


I don't know how this can be better but the at-home extraction for your blood sample is extremely painful.

3 years ago

This is just what is needed in the marketplace for modern women's health. Their hormone panel test helped educate me to have an informed discussion with my doctor about hormone imbalances. Additionally, their ovulation tracking and pregnancy tests are so easy to use. It's by far the easiest ovulation tracker to use by far. It's also great to have a pregnancy test kit that doesn't have baby images all over it. As one who's experienced loss, it helps limit anxiety when using.

3 years ago

It would be more useful if their app worked well and was easy to track your levels over time. It's also unclear to me what the value is of going through Modern Fertility for a test rather than just asking your doctor to send out for those labs.

3 years ago

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Doesn't test everything a woman might wish to know to understand fertility (e.g., progesterone).