Modern Fertility

    Ashley R 1 Review

    4 months ago

    I ordered the test in hopes to learn more about my fertility and any potential issues with conception. Days after I received the test, I found out I was pregnant! I emailed modern fertility and let them know, asking what to do with the unused unopened test. They said they do not accept returns, I asked what my options are they offered a $50 credit to use for anything else on the site, which was better than nothing. I then asked if I could gift the test to someone else that I know is trying, they told me once the credit was issued they voided the test. They did not tell me this information when they offered the credit. I asked them to reverse the credit so that i could gift it, but they told me it was too late and they were not able to reverse it. Therefore, I am now out $129.. with a credit for prenatal vitamins that are not on par with the ones I currently take.