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Milk Makeup makes clean makeup and skincare products that are vegan, cruelty-free, and paraben-free.


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a month ago

Lovely products in cute packaging, but don't last that long and could use more product.

4 months ago

I bought all of my milk products before the repricing. I have the holographic highligher and the Kush green lipgloss. Love love love the lipgloss, its a great consistency and the metal applicator stays colds and is nice to reapply with. The holographic highlighter was one of milk's products that comes in a twist up push-pop tube. The highlighter itself was fine. The swipe stick was prone to becoming a but nasty and smushy over time. The product is also extraordinarily soft (not my fav). Three stars due to the packaging not settling with me, although I do appreciate the creativity.

a month ago

I was quite disappointed about the blush because it very easy to slip even though I used setting spray.

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2 months ago

Their blush is so nice on my druk skin. It looks hydrated and naturel.

2 months ago

Milk Makeup's eyeliner is easily a favorite of mine. It goes on smooth and easy and stays put during wear but also removes easily enough. If you haven't tried these products, it's worth giving them a shot.

2 months ago

I have used their hydro grip primer and their eyebrow gel and liked both! I've heard about them increasing their prices while making the size of their products smaller which I don't appreciate

2 months ago

Pros: Milk deserves five stars even if their packaging can suck at times. As someone whose hobby is trying out makeup, I really am picky about the products I like. I'm like Goldilocks. I'll try it all. Milk's hydrogrip primer is amazing. It really does help makeup stay on for hours. Not just a few hours, but all day. I know there are dupes but they don't have the lasting power of the Hydrogrip. I love the Kush eyebrow gel. Actually I can't remember if it's considered a gel, but that's besides the point. I find that the small brush allows for me to maneuver through my eyebrows without having to worry about getting the color all over my face. Cons: I do love the contour and the Rally blush but with that said, when I ordered them, I was expecting full size products. Well, between the time I bought the blush and getting a replacement, it looked as if someone shrunk the cream products to a trial size. The other thing that is not awesome is that when I pull off the protective plastic shield from the cream stick products, the tops of the products comes off. Every. Single. Time. With that said, there is still a lot of product left to use even if the top comes. I have been trying to not waste my blush though, so I've been working my way through what's popped off before I start using the stick. I guess you need to pick and choose your battles, unfortunately. I am not annoyed enough to stop buying the products but I know that it will bother others.

a month ago

I like the format, which is practical for travelling, and I like make-up in stick form, such as blush, bronzer...

5 months ago

Shrinkflation, they are giving you significantly less product at a higher price point. I have the Lip + Cheek Blush Stick and it is just okay. Not worth $24 for a travel size tiny blush. The pigmentation and formula is pretty solid but it doesn't last.

a month ago

I have only a cream stick blush. Colour and texture is fabulous but it feels very scented. It is a lip and cheek product but I literally can’t make myself wear it just because the scent bothers me. The colour is actually really nice on the cheek but also on the lips. (It’s usually either or for me. And this tone just works perfect on my medium tanned skin.) I guess the additional perfume in this product is not my type and it prevented me to be keen on trying the other stuff from the brand.