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Mario Badescu sells an array of vegan skincare products.

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15 days ago

I think this product range was more impressive back in the day. Their only impressive product is the pink drying lotion, but even that has now reached it's curtain call as we know that dehydrating a pimple only leads to additional scarring, slower healing, etc.

8 days ago

I really like this powder. It has sulfur in it to draw out the oil to purify the pores, kaolin clay to reduce excess oil and zinc oxide that has soothing and oil absorbing properties. It's helps with shiny spots. It's green so you definitly need to make sure it's blended in. I love using this under my eyes for my dark cicles. If I don't leave the house and don't put anything under my eyes by the end of the night, they look reddish and dark underneath and tired. When I put this powder under my eyes during the day it seems to help with the discoloration and helps me look less tired. I didn't like the pad that came with it, I prefer using a makeup brush.

Special healing powder

7 days ago

This review is only for the pink drying lotion. Say what you will, but it works like a charm. Havenโ€™t found anything as effective on the market.

Pink Drying Lotion

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6 months ago

I used to use this brand, but feel there are now cleaner options out there that work better.

4 months ago

I've only used their drying lotion, but it's incredible and really works!

3 months ago

Absolutely not ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ are people still buying this trash? Their products were basically glorified face perfume- and then we found out they secretly put steroids in one of their products?! Nope!!

5 months ago

This place has amazing hydration sprays which can wake up your skin at anytime during your day