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MANTLE offers professional skincare made with cannabis to promote healthy living.

MANTLE Reviews

MANTLE reviews


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4 months ago

MANTLE is a Swedish CBD skincare brand that I discovered while staying at a friend's. I used a mask she had and the acne I had from traveling/stress was significantly reduced just overnight. Since then I've been buying a lot of their products at a time (and tried a lot of them) since it's quite hard to get it in the US and I had to make the shipping fees from tiny SE boutiques worth it. However, now they ship to the US from their official site and I couldn't be happier as shipping is free over $90. Here are some of my favorites/things I've tried in case anyone is interested. I am 31F, dry/combo skin with redness and hormonal acne at times. The Green Mask: My HG mask. 10/10 would recommend. It's exfoliating but not drying at the same time and I like the smell. I use this 1-2x a week and it significantly reduces my breakouts + redness. Will always repurchase. The Dream Mask: I love this mask. It's an overnight one and extremely moisturizing. All of my friends in SE use it and their skin is amazing. If you're someone who loves overnight masks this one is for you. However, because I'm not a huge overnight mask person I'm not sure if the ingredients are super different from what you can get here. This is a splurge repurchase for me. The Bare Balm: I like this as a first step in an oil cleansing process, or just for the AM. It definitely doesn't irritate and melts my makeup off. I'd likely repurchase, but just to hit the free shipping minimum since it's cheaper than the other products and I absolutely do like it. However, I have other oil cleansers that I love so I don't want to discontinue them. The Must Mist: I got this free with the purchase of the Bare Balm. I love it and think it's extremely refreshing as a toner. It also has a blue light blocking ingredient, though I'm not sure if that's just gimmicky. Too soon to tell if I'd purchase again, but likely not just as I have toners I like more. Probably wouldn't repurchase unless I see some crazy improvements after going through my sample. The Glow Serum: I LOVE the way it made my skin feel/look after one use. It's an antioxidant serum that makes my skin feel so refreshed and has a more oily consistency than other serums I've used. After just a week it's calming my uneven skin and red marks from past breakouts. I would compare it to the way CEO Glow by Sunday Riley made me feel (which I also really liked). Will definitely repurchase. The Ex: Love, love, LOVE this exfoliator. It's definitely powerful and you don't need to use it frequently. It heats up a bit while you rub it in and it leaves skin insanely soft. I did not notice any dryness or irritation after use. Will repurchase. The Treat: I really wanted to like this, but I don't think it really did anything (good or bad). It's an azaelic acid acne treatment for overnight. However, I don't know if any azaelic acid products work for me as I've tried in the past and didn't notice anything either. Would not repurchase.

2 years ago

Beautiful packaging. Beautiful products. not much more to say. My first time trying beauty containing CBD and i think it is great! I especially love the glow serum and calm balm. 10/10!


I would love to also see a sunscreen from this brand!

3 years ago

Obsessed. Having tried about 90,000 different lip balms, Mantle's "Calm Balm" is the best. I put it on at night with a thick layer, and during the day it sits near my laptop and I reapply it (a little goes a long way, it's quite thick) — can also apply to any dry patches or your cuticles. It's transparent so looks somewhat like a lip gloss. I've had it for 2 months and will probably last 6-7 months. Looking forward to trying their skincare products.


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