Lyric uses massage therapy to temporarily relieve minor muscle pain, shift stress and positively affect emotions.

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September 2021
Santa Monica, CA
Vic Yang, Hugh Williams
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About Lyric
The Lyric™ is not a massage gun. It is a revolutionary Wi-Fi-enabled self-care companion designed to take the guesswork out of wellness. Unlike ugly, aggressive and heavy massage guns, which are made for elite athletes and often hidden away in a closet, the Lyric is a beautiful therapeutic massager. It is designed for everyone in mind and fits seamlessly and stylishly into any home or lifestyle to serve as a constant reminder to prioritize wellness. The Lyric also feels good. Instead of the aggressive experience delivered by most percussion guns, the Lyric offers breakthrough Rhythm Therapy™ that targets muscles while stimulating the nervous system to help relieve pain, relax and energize. Available at, Bed Bath & Beyond, Best Buy, Meijer, Target, REI and numerous other retailers nationwide.
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