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Luna makes comforting weighted blankets for adults and children that are Oeko-Tex certified, breathable, and machine-washable.

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2 months ago

Perfect weighted blanket—Prefer to use it without a cover as its made of a cooling fabric and you can choose the weight that is needed vs a one size fits all. I went with a 10lb blanket and it’s just weighted enough without suffocating you.

2 years ago

Firstly I love the price point. Second, the product works. Being able to fall asleep easily is a side effect of the nice warm hug that these blankets get. Better than spooning.

a year ago

Never even got to try to the product and the service has been subpar at best. I emailed them 8 days after I ordered because I didn’t have any shipping updates only to find out that one of the blankets were sold out. My other two items were on the way, but in different shipments. I received one, a duvet cover, which doesn’t do much without the blanket that’s out of stock. The other blanket they said was delivered with my duvet cover, which it wasn’t. It takes multiple days for response and they still won’t process my refund for the out of stock item.