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Love Corn makes a range of delicious, crunchy corn snacks.

Love Corn Reviews

Love Corn reviews


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4 months ago

Gotta give a shout-out to this new-ish twist on the old "Corn Nuts" stand-by. I've been enjoying "Love, Corn" snacks for a while now, especially their sea salt version, which consists of only three ingredients: corn, sunflower oil, and sea salt. Compared to Corn Nuts they're a bit less crunchy and a tad more salty, which works perfectly for me as a mid-afternoon alternative to almonds or other nut-based snacks. There are of course other flavors (BBQ, Habanero, Cheezy, etc.), but I've found the original to be the best. And, at about $1.49–$1.99 per 1.6 oz. pack, they're a great option price-wise when compared to other less-healthful snacks out there.