Little Seed Farm

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Little Seed Farm makes a variety of organic skincare and personal products.

Little Seed Farm Reviews

Little Seed Farm reviews


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2 reviews

3 months ago

Bought a few sample smells, and omg they all smell so good! You have to scoop it on your finger but it is so worth it, a little definitely goes a long way. I tried the green tea and lavender and the cedar sandalwood with vanilla, the scent lasts all day. Love them, will probably purchase more soon!

5 months ago

I made the switch from regular deodorant (secret, etc) a few years back and was using crystal sticks which never felt like they worked, but I didn't smell. There was just something that wasn't connecting with me. I found this at my friends alchemy shop and never thought I would like a cream in my arm pit, but I absolutely love this. It comes in a little glass jar with a bamboo applicator stick and you can return your empty jars to them! Fantastic. They have several scents including none. I have been using the Cedar Vanilla