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LEVEL creates unique cannabis products with rare cannabinoids.

LEVEL Reviews

LEVEL reviews


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4 reviews

3 years ago

I've tested the products and there is a lot of inconsistency within the same product type. Sometimes it's more powerful than other times and not necessarily reliable. Packaging and POS display in-store is great, compact.


Consistency in the actual product and packaging, while cool, is very difficult to open.

3 years ago

I had the CBD Protab and it had the desired effect! It's also easy to cut the tabs in half with a pill cutter if you'd prefer half the dose. I'd gladly try other Level products.


Pretty expensive for 10 tablets.

2 years ago

Protabs, and Hashtabs especially, are one of my favorite cannabis products. super consistent, high potency, best thing when you want to be high but can't smoke. I much prefer this format to a handful of gummies. Packaging is awesome, and super easy to keep in your bag or pocket. Refill packs for regular users is a nice option as well that I've taken advantage of. One of the earliest movers in alternate cannabinoids and effect-focused cannabinoid blends.


Overall love it. Curious if strain specific hashtabs would have noticeable effects, I know most of them do have terpenes included already. Really interested to try the Protab + with a wider assortment of cannabinoid blends.