Lemon Crocodile

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Lemon Crocodile makes one of a kind, handmade ceramic candle vessels.


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a month ago

To preface this review, I'm very picky about scents. I will NOT walk into a Bath & Body Works, and I've only found like 2 candle scents that I really enjoy. Imagine my surprise when I get Garden 001 in the mail, and light it for the first time. Guys it's fabbbbulous. The scent as described as ripe heirloom tomato, earthy dirt and vines, sharp peppercorn, warm teakwood, and green musk. Pretty great description. The vessel is really pretty, and larger than I expected. The box says it burns for 40 hours, and that seems likely to me. All in all, I'd highly recommend, and next time I want to try Garden 002.

Garden 001