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Laughland makes teeth whitening kits using a personalized formula to deliver an effective treatment and quick results.

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5 days ago

This product is crappy. It doesn’t work at all. Plus, even after emailing to cancel the account, which is the only way to cancel, they will continue to charge your credit card forever. They will not give a refund the monthly charges will continue. I would NEVER buy anything from this company!!!

4 months ago

The free trial is an awesome deal that I have recommended to friends! The super strength is high quality and begins to work after one use! I could get 4 uses out of each syringe meaning $10 for 12 uses!! Highly recommend checking it out!

a year ago

Surprisingly no sensitivity, even though I wore the super strength for 30 min 6 days in a row and usually feel pain if I use Crest white strips for the same duration (I once got woken up by the cold air in my bedroom because my teeth were sensitive to it). My gums felt a little tender towards the end, but I also have a budding gum problem. My teeth did get whiter, but it wasn't anything crazy. Have however been told my teeth are already quite white. Chose to use with a portable charger so that I could be mobile (like I'm used to with whitening strips).

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2 years ago

I've got the at-home whitening kit and whitening pet, but unfortunately, I did not see any results after one month of using them. In the second month, I saw very small changes, but honestly not better than using any whitening strips that you can buy in the drugstore.


I do not like that it is impossible to cancel or change your subscription, you only have to contact support. It seems like a not customer-friendly tactic to me!

2 years ago

I tried this when it was glo up and have also done some laughland branded gel. I like the concept but I just didn’t see the same results as I would if I used drugstore whitening strips (I was on a pretty high strength too). I didn’t have any sensitivity issues just no results 🤷🏾‍♀️


They don’t include instructions in the packaging so I have to hunt around forever every time I want to know how long I’m supposed to keep the tray in which is annoying. I wish my phone timer started automatically when I plugged them in.

2 years ago

this is the best teeth whitening product that I have found! Actually works and doesn’t cause any sensitivity.

2 years ago

I have used a lot of different teeth whitening products. Some I thought improved the color of my teeth. Products including Crest Whitening Strips, Charcoal, Whitening toothpaste and Whitening gels. Nothing, as in absolutely none of them, whitened my teeth compared to what Laughland did (even after using those products for months and years). I could see a major difference in the whiteness of my teeth after the very first use. Now, after using the product for 3 months my teeth look professionally whitened with my teeth being milk white. And to add to that there has been no discomfort nor irritations. With all that said, I HIGHLY recommend this product!


I wish the light came with a travel case! It isn't easy to travel with, and I just wrap in tissues for now

10 months ago

It was okay over the time period used it. The reason for the 2 star rating is that I was charged twice within a couple weeks of 5.93 on my credit card for no reason that I can figure out. I have tried to connect with them per their customer service 3 days in a row with no email returned. There is no way to call them or get ahold of them besides email. At this point I just want to cancel my subscription. My next supposed renewal happens in a couple days and if I get clarification soon I would maybe reconsider. Right now not a fan of the company :(

2 years ago

I've been getting routine whitening treatments from my dentist for the past 5+ years. Then during the pandemic my dentist has limited hours, wasn't open for a couple of months, and just been a huge hassle to get into. I've waited on writing a review for Laughland until I used it for 6 months to see genuine results, and I can for sure say this works! By month 3, my teeth were back to my original shade pre-pandemic, and now at month 6, my teeth are whiter than when I used to go to the dentist. I've upgraded my formula to be stronger once back in July and that made a big improvement. Love and can't recommend Laughland enough!


The gel syringes are supposed to be applied in increments of 1/4 but the labels are 1/3. Hard to measure gel usage! I've already emailed customer support but hopefully this changes soon!