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Kinfill Homecare makes sustainable, effective, and refillable home cleaning products and accessories.

Kinfill Homecare Reviews

Kinfill Homecare reviews


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2 reviews

3 years ago

The unboxing was lovely, but used a stunning amount of kraft cardboard. The bottles are high quality, much nicer in feel and proportion than others refill systems I've encountered. I'd buy it for the bottles alone.


The scents are shockingly meh. Like something someone would spray on you in the Bloomingdales fragrance aisle (the summer floral special and the air/cucumber ones). I just assumed that a brand like this would have scent profiles that felt less mass market. The Pine scent is the only one that appealed.

a year ago

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I use a Multisurface Cleaner (Graanmarkt 13), Dish Soap (Lime&Basil) and Scented Objects (Tangerine) for a few months already. Pros: — package design is pure and minimalistic — customer service if excellent (I'll cover it below) — smells are unusual — no any damage for hands or surfaces due to usage — bottles are handy, refills are easy to store — one bottle is enough for a few months — in general it makes the cleaning more pleasant Contra: — products are not super strong for difficult cases such as mold — Scented Objects smell strong only in the first few weeks — it's possible that multi surface cleaner became flaky because of cold temperature at home I have to say that customer service is exceptional. You see the real people behind the brand. They are willing to solve problems. First time my bottle came without rubber protector and Kinfill immediately send it to me with a handwriting postcard and a small gift. Then my cleanser became flaky and Kinfill kindly helped me to fix it.


Don't expect miracles : )