Josu Salt Co.

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Josu Salt makes flavored salts inspired by Korean cuisine.

Josu Salt Co. Reviews

Josu Salt Co. reviews


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4 reviews

2 years ago

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Some of the best tasting flavored salt I've had! I really liked how much flavor each salt had, really packed a punch. Every grain had so much seasoning. The salts worked great on various vegetables and chicken.


I think it would be nice if the packaging stacked better. I also would love to see a finer grain salt to use as well.

a year ago

Great niche salt flavors! I tried their collaboration with Condiment Claire and it was fantastic. I love the idea of different salt flavors and the profile really comes through and isn't over powered. Excited for them to come out with even more flavors

2 years ago

Loved it! I've been using it for a while now. The Just Salt is my go to but I've also used the Kimchi and Garlic Chive on dishes like eggs, avocado toast, and edamame.


Containers are a little hard to close sometimes but not a big deal.

2 years ago

These are high quality flaky, finishing salts for anybody who loves to cook! I have used the kimchi and the garlic chive numerous times to top off a dish and they add the perfect final touch of flavor. Each salt adds a subtle crunch to whatever you put it on...from avocado toast to salads to sliced tomato to meats. I just add a tiny bit and it elevates every dish.