Hylo Athletics

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Hylo designs lightweight running shoes using natural materials making them recyclable and carbon negative.

Hylo Athletics Reviews

Hylo Athletics reviews


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4 reviews

4 months ago

I've been using my Hylo trainers for almost two years, I find them incredibly comfortable even though they are quite lightweight. I use them for running, travel and everyday wear. I love that they are made from more sustainable natural materials and the mission of the brand. The only reason I haven't given them 5 stars is because the lining on the inner heels has worn away on both shoes, I would have hoped for better durability. I originally bought a size too small and returns were easy.

a year ago

I'll start with the good stuff. I own version one of Hylo Light. These trainers are insanely comfortable. They didn't need breaking in at all; went straight for a run in them, and also wore them for a tennis match straight away. They offer good support despite being lightweight. Their eco creds are fantastic, and I'm on a mission to find the best eco trainers out there at the moment. I particularly like their end of life trainer recycling scheme, as it shows that they're thinking through the whole journey rather than just the product itself. Sadly, they just haven't stood the test of time. I've got a hole in the fabric upper in the same place on either foot. Also one of the insoles has pretty much separated inside the shoe. I've been wearing them for sport for around 6 months, so it's not terrible... but I was really hoping that they'd last longer, as it obviously impacts their eco creds.


Definitely worth a look, and they stand up to other better known alternatives on the market. I'd be tempted to plump for V2 Hylo Lights, as they may have fixed some of the problems with V1.

a year ago

Very poorly constructed shoe. They look good but they are not good quality (laces are clumpy, the tongue has no structure and slides out of place, and the back heel that should hug the back of one’s foot is so loose and unstructured that my foot slides up and down). I made the mistake of wearing them right away so now I can’t return them. I will be throwing them away they’re so bad.