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Honest offers clean, sustainable baby, personal care, and beauty products

Honest Reviews

Honest reviews


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7 reviews

7 months ago

Really love the Honest brand. The diapers are expensive, but I think they are some of the best. Also really love the wipes. The wipes have a resealable top that is super helpful when trying to one handed a wipe during a diaper change!

7 months ago

I have tired a few things, clothes and some skincare but it’s the diapers for me. They are the best I’ve tried and our little one has very sensitive skin so these are the only ones that are affordable (as affordable as diapers can be) and the prints are fun for me!

7 months ago

I like their skincare products but they are nothing special. They do their job (cleansing and moisturizing) but there are no phenomenal results using their products

a year ago

I love the brand. My main issue has always been with their customer service. I am always having issues with my orders. They billed me for a wipes subscription earlier than the renewal date and without notice. I used their menstrual pads and they were the best and comfiest ever. Then they discontinued them. I reached out as to why and was told "they want to focus on products that are more in line with the company's mission." How are menstrual pads not?! Beauty products such as makeup is more in line over a product that many woman can actually use and need?! I was just left stunned by this. Their sanitizer has a weird smell to me and the bottles of the all-purpose leaked. But I love the baby wipes and fragrance-free laundry detergent which makes it difficult to not support.


Their customer service is not very helpful and rude.

7 months ago

I have tried the Honest brand (face products only) before so I purchased the Gentle Gel Cleanser. Delicious smell and good price point. I like that it doesn't lather too much which can take forever to was off. There is just something about this cleanser that makes my skin appreciate the product. I also love that their mission is to create clean products from the ingredients to the packaging to who they work with. Their name aligns with their products which makes me trust this brand.

6 months ago

I use the wipes to clean my pet Bunny and they do not irritate his skin or fur. I love that they aren’t loaded with chemicals but I do think that they are too pricey.

10 months ago

We love Honest in my household. (We also are big Jessica Alba fans but that is not the point)We use a bunch of different product from them for our baby including diapers, body wash, rash cream etc. The scent never bothers him or his skin like some other brands do and he always feels good after we use their products!