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Heretic Parfum creates a line of all-natural, unisex perfumes.

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2 months ago

I’ve purchased: - Pistil Whip - This Smells like my Vagina - The Entomologist — Discovery set with: - Dirty Peach - Dirty Coconut - Dirty Lavender - Dirty Hinoki - Dirty Vanilla I honestly really like everything I’ve purchased despite not being able to test them in person first. I was hesitant to pull the trigger because of that, but I haven’t been let down yet. I would say they do a relatively good job of describing their fragrances with words, however I thought I would HATE Dirty Hinoki based on how it’s described, but it’s one of my favorites! Their shipping is pretty fast and they seem to have sales and promos quite often. I also like that the discovery sets are customizable if you’re afraid to commit. The discovery set volumes are actually quite large, so you’re getting much more than a magazine scratch and sniff amount of product. Very nice! As far as my thoughts on the scents: Dirty Hinoki and Dirty Peach are my top two. Dirty Vanilla and Dirty Lavender are my bottom two. TSLMV I tried just for the novelty of it and it is just a very very floral scent. It’s not bad, but it’s literally shocking in name only. Damn you GP and your ability to sell ice to a snow man! They do also have a line of “functional scents” The Entomologist is part of that line—it’s essentially a bug repellent that doesn’t smell like Off Deep Woods and the like. This product is actually the main reason I wanted to try the brand and I would say I’m very happy with how it performs! Just note that it comes in a glass bottle and is not what I would reach for, for tossing in the trunk to use on spontaneous hikes like you might a cheap plastic bottle.

Dirty VanillaDirty Hinoki Pistil WhipThis Smells like my Vagina The Entomologist Dirty PeachDirty CoconutDirty Lavender