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Hello Klean makes multi-functioning shower essentials to restore hair and skin balance due to hard water.

Hello Klean Reviews

Hello Klean reviews


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5 reviews

8 months ago

So far so good. I just purchased a hello klean shower head for my shower, and am already feeling improvements. I live in London, where there is incredibly hard water, and my hair has felt softer from just one wash. The holes that the water comes out from are very small, which is such a nice touch because it really provides the feeling of increased water pressure. One note: not a design flaw at all, but keep in mind that this shower head was heavier than my original one, so the mechanism that holds the head struggled a bit to hold it. I have ordered a replacement, so hopefully that resolves my issues!

a year ago

I was curious but wanted to give it a try. I can already feel the difference in the water itself but think my hair and dry skin benefit greatly from it.

8 months ago

I have started looking after my hair properly and have researched a lot to find out different ways and methods of hair care. That’s where i found out about hard water and since using these products i have seen an incredible improvement in my hairs health.

a year ago

I moved from Canada to Germany and my hair and skin suffered for it due to the super high mineral content in the water in my new home. Enter Hello Klean, my saving grace. I noticed an immediate difference in my curls immediately after the first use - they came back to life! It is super sleek and minimal, so I hardly even notice it's there. Very easy to install and replace, and I like the subscription model they have so I don't even have to remember when it's time to replace the interior filter (and it's recyclable). When I replaced it for the first time, it had noticeable gunk and grime that it had removed from the water on it, so I got a visual representation of how well it works. I will never go without it again!

2 years ago

Works for Hello Klean

I've had lots of issues with my hair falling out from hard water and my skin being really dry, and their products are so so so good! The filter has made a noticeable difference to my hair quality and I'm noticing less fall out and its also softer. My skin also feels less stripped too, which is ideal.


It doesn't have a super cheap price tag, but the products have a pretty luxury feel and are high quality, so it's not a problem for me. Absolutely would 100% recommend. Great for those travelling to areas of hard water e.g Bali, Amsterdam, New York.