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Hawthorne sells personalized skincare and fragrance products for men.

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Hawthorne Reviews

Hawthorne reviews

5 reviews

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3 months ago

When I first heard of Hawthorne, I had minimal interest. I will gladly admit how wrong I was. Their entire line is incredible. I listened to an interview with the founder on the Dewy Dudes podcast, and his personality and enthusiasm for men’s skincare and fragrance was infectious. Shortly thereafter I received a fullsize “Play” cologne in a special GQ box. I liked it. Then I got another in the regular quarterly GQ box. This time, it was from the “Work” line. That was enough to get me to the website. I purchased the fullsize limited edition Mineral Wave. That was and will be my scent of the summer. I also bought the lip balms, a candle, the fragrance sample set, the cooling shampoo, and the face wash. I’ll be back for deodorant, soap, bodywash, and other candles. Check out the quiz option for semi- personalized recommendations based on your responses. I’m a huge fan and I hope others will be as well!

FragranceFace washCandleCologneLip balmShampoo

2 years ago

This is a GREAT personal care brand for men! Now that it's in Target stores nationwide, it's even more accesible! The face lotion is wonderful, I wasn't a huge fan of the shampoo/conditioner, but the ingredients, aesthetics of the brand, and various formulations are great!


I think it'd be fun to see some targeted lines such as an acne/clarifying skincare line, anti-aging with some retinol/peptide options, options are limitless! JUMBO BODY WASH WOULD BE INCREDIBLE! With a pump!

10 months ago

This brand is the best. I started my relationship with them making custom scents when they first launched. I still use it to this day (5 years going). Now i also use their bar soap which the scent is amazing. My only critique is the exfoliating element of the bar soap is so rough on the skin its actually painful to use sometimes. Especially a brand new bar.


Great scents, great product and great customer service (they messed up an order and took care of it professionally and quickly).

2 years ago

Got my foray into this brand through a friend who did the brand design for Hawthorne. I loved the simple personalized quiz, which actually ended up matching me with scents I actually really love. So much that even have 5 years, they are my go to scents to get. Love the idea of a 'work' scent, and a 'play' scent. Never thought of scents that way, but they certainly make you think of formal vs casual settings. I did also try some of their other products, through a heavy discount. I got a candle, shower gel and shampoo. I loved the candle, though it definitely didn't last long. The shower gel and shampoo were thick and high quality, however I just didn't love the scents. The bottles were also very small for something you use to daily, and fairly expensive as well.


Make your essentials smell as great as your perfumes! Making them more affordable will also go a long way in getting me back as a regular customer.