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Hawthorne sells personalized skincare and fragrance products for men.

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7 months ago

Got my foray into this brand through a friend who did the brand design for Hawthorne. I loved the simple personalized quiz, which actually ended up matching me with scents I actually really love. So much that even have 5 years, they are my go to scents to get. Love the idea of a 'work' scent, and a 'play' scent. Never thought of scents that way, but they certainly make you think of formal vs casual settings. I did also try some of their other products, through a heavy discount. I got a candle, shower gel and shampoo. I loved the candle, though it definitely didn't last long. The shower gel and shampoo were thick and high quality, however I just didn't love the scents. The bottles were also very small for something you use to daily, and fairly expensive as well.


Make your essentials smell as great as your perfumes! Making them more affordable will also go a long way in getting me back as a regular customer.

Good for gifts 🎁High qualityCool look & feelCustom personalizationSmells amazingLuxury
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9 months ago

This is a GREAT personal care brand for men! Now that it's in Target stores nationwide, it's even more accesible! The face lotion is wonderful, I wasn't a huge fan of the shampoo/conditioner, but the ingredients, aesthetics of the brand, and various formulations are great!


I think it'd be fun to see some targeted lines such as an acne/clarifying skincare line, anti-aging with some retinol/peptide options, options are limitless! JUMBO BODY WASH WOULD BE INCREDIBLE! With a pump!

Cool look & feelWorth the money 💸Custom personalization
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