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Hai makes a high quality bluetooth showerhead using stainless steel to upgrade your shower routine and track your water savings.

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a year ago

Been using it for a few months now and really enjoy it; the hardware is very well made and, besides needing to go to HomeDepot for a female-female adapter, was easy to install. The app works well, but is barebones and has much more potential room for improvement. Things I'm hoping they add to the app in the future: 1. Background syncing: so I don't have to open the app every time I want to sync data. 2. Apple HomeKit integration: so my bathroom exhaust fan could turn on when I turn on my Hai/it hits a certain temperature, etc. 3. Flume Integration: so I can better track my exact shower water usage as a percentage of total home water usage.

2 years ago

The aesthetics are great, it was super easy to install, and I love that I can track water consumption (important if you live in places that frequently experience droughts!)


Ultimately, this is a showerhead so I expect it to perform but the water pressure was just meh. The hose is also weirdly short so I can't even use this to bathe my dog which was part of my intention.

2 years ago

I love my hai. There are two settings, mist and high pressure and both are amazing. I love how it keeps me aware of how much water I am utilizing during my showers but also let me know the shower is ready for me to get in when the temperature is just right.

7 months ago


Bought both a hai and Jolie to test the two. The shower experience with hai was much better. Great pressure and loved the quality of the materials. The infusions were amazing and I loved being told when the water was warm. This made a huge difference on water pressure as well. Way better than the Jolie.

hai fusehai smart showerheadhai infusions smart showerhead

a year ago

I absolutely love my Hai! I really enjoy getting to change then settings depending on my mood and I love how that it notifies you when you have used a certain amount of water. It has helped stop wasting so much water! It was also so easy to install and set up which was another plus. My entire family tried it and now we are buying two more for our other bathrooms because we have all enjoyed it so much!

2 years ago

Absolutely loved how hai transformed my shower experience. The mist function is a game changer, enabling me to do a mini at-home facial every time I shower. The design is also elevated and sleek, and improves the overall look of my vintage bathroom!


Nothing! Love it as is.

2 years ago

Received a free product from hai

This shower head made me shower more consciously. I start with hot water with the first spray hole setting, then switch to cold towards the end of my shower with the mist setting aiming at only my face to close my pores and prep my skin for my skin care routine. Showering is something I really cherish more now. I would not be able to have a routine like this if it was not for Hai's amazing spray qualities. The water usage setting on the app makes me more conscious of my water usage. The color just ties together the aesthetic of my bathroom, which sparks so much joy! Thank you Hai! Im obsessed.


Maybe one thing that could be improved is the surface area of the shower head. Maybe if it was a larger diameter it could hit more parts of my body. This is just a personal preference.

2 years ago

5 college roommates, 2 hai showerheads. From the mist feature to the usage tracking in the app, these showerheads elevated our apartment bathroom spaces. And not to mention the cute pops of color - we're obsessed. The only issue was deciding who got to take a hai home when we moved out. Highly recommend it if you have a shared bathroom space, but just know you'll want to keep it to yourself.