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Gush creates sustainable air-purifying paints that eliminate indoor airborne pollutants and have no toxic emissions.


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7 days ago

Got myself Gush paints cause my cat has asthma. Happy to say he is doing much better now hehe! It had zero smell so I didn’t have to worry about moving my cat somewhere else when the walls were being painted. 💕

8 days ago

Iconic colours. Iconic paint. Iconic brand. I painted my bedroom to give these paints a little test run. The colours are absolutely stunning. The painting process was pretty easy, and as a chronic DIY-er, I’m happy to report just how odourless these paints are. I didn’t get any headaches, and could sleep in my own bed that day itself. The air-purifying feature works too - my air-purifier reported lower levels of VOCs than before. After this experience, I’ve no choice but to paint my entire house with Gush. It’s a no brainer.

CairCair fresh

8 days ago

Gush paints are amazing and would recommend it to all my friends and family!

CairCair fresh

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8 days ago

An Odorless Paint That's Worth Recommending to Friends! This paint lives up to its name. I couldn't detect any unpleasant odors, even when applying it in a closed room. It made the painting process much more comfortable. I was pleasantly surprised by how fast it dried. Within a couple of hours, I could already see the transformation in my room.

7 days ago

I LOVE the curated selection of colours! It’s diverse without being overwhelming. Very beautiful.

8 days ago

Voc free, formaldehyde free, odourless. Probably the best and affordable option in the market.

8 days ago

Gush has redefined the game of what paint means - blending aesthetics with functionality and sustainability! I bought some paints for my elderly parents 5 years ago to solve their persistent mould issues and mould has never returned since due to the paints' strong anti-moulding capabilities. It also definitely helped alleviate some sinus symptoms!

7 days ago

Friends with Gush

Completely odourless paint! Pleasant to use for repainting at home. Love the colour selection and it’s affordable too!! Highly recommend!

8 days ago

Gush was surprisingly good- the paints really had no odour, the Color quality was thick and beautiful-I chose the beesechurger color and it covered my white walls perfectly! Fantastic after effects!


2 years ago


It really removes odors as promised. We had a buckets of fried chicken and the smell was gone from the space in a couple of hours. 10/10 would recommend


More color options but given the innovation and tech behind it, I am still happy with the existing range.