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Paint that purifies the air? Gush wants to create healthier living environments, using sustainable paints that not only have no toxic emissions but also eliminate airborne pollutants indoors.

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Singapore, Malaysia, U.S.
May 2017
May 2018
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Asian, Asian-founded
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About Gush
Gush is an advanced materials company dedicated to innovating sustainable advanced materials that better living environments.
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Sustainable productsInnovative productWorks really wellWorth the money 💸
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2 months ago

Gush paint really does live up to its claims. I was helping out with decorating my sister's nursery room and I did not smell any odor from the paint while painting her wall. The painting process was very smooth as well, very impressed!

Worth the money 💸Sustainable productsInnovative productWorks really well
3 months ago

It really removes odors as promised. We had a buckets of fried chicken and the smell was gone from the space in a couple of hours. 10/10 would recommend


More color options but given the innovation and tech behind it, I am still happy with the existing range.

Sustainable productsInnovative productWorks really wellWorth the money 💸