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GuruNanda offers a wide variety of organic exquisite oil used for healing, oral hygiene, humidifiers, diffusers, and beauty purpose

GuruNanda Reviews

GuruNanda reviews


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3 reviews

2 months ago

So I bought the mouth pulling oil on a whim from TikTok and was really surprised these people weren’t lying to push a weird product. My teeth were actually far cleaner and I didn’t have leftover residue left from just plain coconut oil. I don’t love that the packaging on some of their products is too similar so you do end up buying the wrong one if you don’t look closely enough.

3 months ago

Ive been using Gurunanda Coconut and Peppermint Pulling Oil for about 2.5 weeks and Ive already noticed significant improvements in my gum and teeth health. I had 2 sensitive molars that would cause pain when I bit/ate food- that pain is now gone, my teeth look a little bit whiter and my gums no longer bleed when i brush my teeth. I ordered it off of the tiktok shop and it came in less than a week. 10/10!

8 months ago

They have really great product for your health. I currently use their coconut oil pulling for my teeth and it has made such a huge difference!