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Goodfish creates healthy, crispy, protein-packed salmon chips.


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2 years ago

I grabbed these in a bodega because I'd been meaning to try them. I liked the crunch but it was just too fishy for me. I wish I liked these more! I'm always on the lookout for healthy snacks but I didn't enjoy eating them. The brand is very fun though.

2 years ago

The branding and mission of this company is great -- sustaining fisheries and providing a healthy snack. Unfortunately I just couldn't make myself like the taste. It really tastes like fish skin, and not much else.


Perhaps the fishiness is intrinsic to what you're paying for, but for me it was overpowering. And I love fish!

a year ago

I loved these! Great tasting and super healthy snack. Sadly I can't find them anywhere and their website seems to be down.


Some bags were not as crunchy as others.

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2 years ago

Love the crunch but flavors are hit and miss for me. I found their seasonings (not the fishy flavor) tend to be too much. Great as a topping to add flavor and texture to a sandwich or soup/noodle. Too salty to eat as a snack by itself for me.


Go lighter on the seasonings

2 years ago

Big fan of salmon chips and the wasabi flavor is my favorite!! Crispy, healthy, and flavorful, I can happily snack on Goodfish knowing it's also protein-packed.