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Gnome offers concentrated liquid lawn food and all-natural custom care plans.

Gnome Reviews

Gnome reviews


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4 months ago

I ordered the pest control for our lawn that was suffering from a serious gnat and mosquito problem. After applying the spray we noticed a significant drop in the population. I also treated our patio and barkdust area in the hopes it would also reduce the amount of flies, which it also did. It didn’t eradicate the bugs but it definitely helped! It also smells good and I am glad that it seemed to actually be pet safe - the dogs were back out into the yard by the next morning with no issue. I will say that their bags and the way they attach to the hose, while simple, was messy and did not lead to an even spray. I also think that causes the spray not to cover the expected area, so I ended up utilizing a second bag to make sure.

10 months ago

Moved away from chemical fertilizers to give it a shot, and it worked wonders on my yard. Grass turned lush and looked healthier within a few weeks. Customer service was amazing with all the questions I had. Would highly recommend trying them out.

10 months ago

I switched from Trugreen because I was worried about the chemicals they used. Gnome has been 1000000x better and less expensive. Started with a soil test, then got the plan recommended based on my test. I sprayed my first time in March, then again in June, and my grass looks better than it ever has!

10 months ago

Gnome, unfortunately, did not work for me. My front lawn actually looks worse than when I first started using the product 3 months ago. They’re a relatively new company and I should have waited for actual (and truthful) online results before buying into both their Spring & Fall programs. Buyer beware indeed! Update! I just heard that Gnome is going out of business. I’m sorry to hear this but I’m not surprised. The product simply doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do and I have a hard time believing any of the positive reviews posted here. Snake oil, pure and simple. I’m just happy I canceled my subscription months ago before the closing sign went up!

a year ago

Influencer for Gnome

this product is horrible company is cheap and has poor customer service

a year ago

I’m not sure who loves Gnome more, my grass or me. Fast and easy to apply, visible results in days. Great product and wont break the bank.

a year ago

Friends with Gnome

It’s sunny in NC and it’s wonderful to see my grass greening up as the garden is blooming. Gnome makes DIY Lawncare easy peasy. My dog loves it too.


This is the solution we’ve been looking for. It’s much less $ than a lawn service and less hassle than trips to the home improvement store for big bags of fertilizer. Give it a try.

a year ago

Very easy to use. Saw improvement in my lawn very quickly. A cool lawn gnome came in my package

a year ago

Truly impressed with the personalized customer care plan and experience that comes with buying Gnome products. All lawns aren’t the same, and it is INCREDIBLY reassuring to know that Gnome is working to ship products that are built uniquely for me… you don’t really get that with larger brands. It’s really pretty simple, if you’re looking for something new that will give you the healthy and lush lawn you’ve always envisioned, try some Gnome products and connect with the incredible team leading the company! I promise you will not regret it!!! 5/5 stars